A Heap of Tatties

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“Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin’ on by you know how I feel.”

Normally, about this time of year I post something about being quite broken. It really has become a thing of tradition.  But this year I’m not going to.

Sure, my days of being an athletic god are well passed but, as Nina Simone would croon, I’m feeling good.

It’s been a while, folks. After Berlin Marathon, I needed to take some time out to let my body recover from a long year. An ultra, followed by a marathon river swim, followed by a marathon loch swim, another forth crossing, Berlin and a host of other shorter events. One is not getting any fecking younger and recovery takes it’s own precious time with the aged and infirm.

While I’ve not been blogging I’ve just got on with getting ready for 2017 and the exciting new events that I have coming up. More on those in another post, but for now, lets just say they involve wearing a rubber suit up a mountain, swimming in trainers, a couple of marathon swims and another crossing of the Forth. Sporting events, I hear you wonder, or some kind of reportable sexual fetish? All will be revealed soon.

Training is remarkably niggle free and, other than two weeks in bed in April with the flu, has all been pointing vaguely in the right direction.  Mainly vertically.  Somewhat surprisingly, in June, I will go through 3000m of ascent for the month. ON FOOT. On my own feet. Like actually up hills. Not bad for a hairy human breeze block, eh?

Young Roar has shamed me this year by getting off the blocks and earning first bling. First he runs a 9 minute mile at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, then gets 2 second places and a third at the school sports. And then we went to the Great Scottish Run Festival.

Oh my. And what a festival it is.

I’ll say up front that it is great fun, a real family event, and I would recommend it. But it is chaos. There is a vague timetable, which gives the illusion that it is well choreographed, but it’s not. It is so not.  A fluid approach is fine, but announce that and then everyone can relax and not stress about the timetable.

So, Roar entered the Great Scottish Junior Run and we both entered the Great Scottish Tattie Run.


And this is where clarity becomes important. With complete confusion over the timetable Roar ended up running about a mile with 1 kilo of tatties (potatoes to you foreign types), when he should have run about 50 metres with a tattie and spoon. Oops.

And, like all first sessions of the year, I shall finish up there. There is a busy year coming up and I’m not going to burn out too early.

Until then, may all your tatties be golden wonders.


Best medal ever?

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