The 2011 Celebrity Edition

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This week finally saw a good steady week of training where I managed to do all the training sessions that I had planned for the week.  And Pam eventually celebrated the end of the perpetual “snoozing” of the alarm when I struggled but succeeded to get up three days on the trot before 0630 to train.  I believe I have now got myself into a habit which will hopefully last right through to August.  Thanks to everyone for their kind words of support after last weeks injury.  For those of you that enjoyed my discomfort you will be pleased to hear that Tuesday saw a hard interval session on the treadmill at the gym and the old wounds were re-opened in a white t-shirt …..

Fitting 9ish hours of training in per week and managing to do some work as well is pretty challenging so we tried something new this week to get on top of the training/work/life balance.  Shakey and I took a 5 mile lunchtime jog from the office into town and back in the solitary day of glorious sunshine last week.  It was a gorgeous spring day and proved to be a really effective use of time, however, it wasn’t all milk and honey.  I have been in the slums of Mumbai, the back street markets of Saigon, I have tussled with the Khmer Rouge in northern Cambodia and I have even walked the quieter streets of New Orleans after dark but the mean streets of downtown Dunfie on a Thursday lunchtime were a different league.  We had to dodge discarded chip wrappers, gobbing school kids, nasty wee chav dugs and OAPs pulling tartan trolleys at glacial speeds.  It also turns out that there are no flat roads in Dunfie – we ran out for 2.5miles uphill the whole way and then turned around and did the same 2.5miles in reverse that all seemed to be uphill as well.  I was suffering altitude sickness by the end of the run.

Brad Wiggins stands on a large box next to 6'4" Dougie

Why are you sitting on a mountain bike in a suit you tube?

So, as promised following on from Mark Foster’s giant footsteps last year I have managed to get another sporting legend into the blog.  I got to meet a hero and lose all dignity in the process when Brad Wiggins, 3 times Olympic gold medal winner and multiple world champion came to work. 

Having seen Brad lose a shed load of weight to be a competitor in the mountains in the Grand Tours I was interested in how he managed to lose weight and keep his strength up to train.  Now this isn’t the most macho of conversations to strike up with one of your heroes but, given that I am constantly pre-occcupied by how I am going to drag my sorry ass around Bavaria for a whole, hot summer’s day, I just blurted the question out like I had tourettes.  Brad was too much of a gentleman to say, but his knowing look as I stuffed in the 5th mini sausage roll and showered pastry on him along with the question gave me some ideas where to look for some room for improvement.

Anyway, despite being a bit starstruck we had a great Q&A session with Brad who is a gent and despite his reserved appearance is completely engaging when talking about biking.  It was a great insight into life in a pro team, competing in Le Tour and I even got to buy him a hazlenut latte!  The one downside is that he seems to lie about his height – he claims to be a mere 6’3″.  Anyone who read the blog last year is aware that I am just under 6’4″ and the camera doesn’t lie so Wiggo is clearly about 6’10”.  I guess he’s just a bit self-conscious about it……

So, as mentioned training has gone really well with three runs, three swims and three indoor bikes this week.  As ever there were highlights of the training and some significant low spots.  By far the lowest point was when an older chap got into “my” lane when I was swimming mid-weeek.  I noticed instantly that he was a beardy OAP and was wearing exceptionally (and I do mean exceptionally) small speedos which was troubling enough but luckily, I thought, because I was doing 400m intervals the chance of having to stop and chat to him was slim.   However, a while later as I cruised in for a rest period he was there too.  Standing up in the shallow end in all the glory of his very small speedos.  Now I don’t enjoy sharing my lane at the pool at the best of times but when I get to the end gasping for air, possibly the worst thing that I could ever imagine being confronted by is a pensioner fiddling with the hoops in his pierced nipples.  I had to take my goggles off and request that the lifeguard apply pure chlorine straight into  my eyes.  Spoilt my swim really.

I took Pam north to Boath House for her birthday on Saturday night.  This really is one of my favourite places and dinner provided the perfect fuel (well not really) for my longest run of the week on Sunday morning.   Oysters, duck, cheese, rhubarb were all shovelled in and Pam even got her own special menu.  So full of good living and too much wine (I obviously have to drink for two) I got up to face the sleet and driving winds before breakfast.  It was a great 8 mile run and saw a couple of deer, donkeys the size of  small dogs, a red admiral butterfly (is that even possible in this temperature??), a lone man out for a walk and one car.  The thing that kept me going was the thought of the magnificent Boath House porridge which I followed up swiftly with kippers on muffins.  And then Pam fell asleep for 3 hours while I drove home.

Next  week will be the peak week of training before I have a recovery week and then build up again.  It’s great fun just now and is starting to feel like I have a bit of rhythm in my training, the winter weight is melting away and the ligaments and tendons are getting stronger.  It’s normally about now that I break something or catch the avian manflu……..

Many thanks to Graham Clark for the Bradley photos.


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