Building and Partying

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The good news this week is that there are no ante-natal classes.  The breastfeeding class last week tipped me over the edge and not only was the Blackberry out in the first 15 minutes (which I had managed not to do in any previous classes) but it then over-ran from it’s scheduled, painfully tedious 120 minutes to an arse-numbing, stultifyingly mind corroding 157 minutes.  I had a swim scheduled after the class but both Pam and I deemed that it was unsafe for me to be left alone underwater in that state of mind for an hour.

Despite the mental challenges of the week I managed somehow to pack in all the training scheduled and finish the week knackered.  Shakey shook the bark and managed two mid-week lunchtime 5 milers which were pretty good going.  But it is safe to say that the chat is not improving.  The long run of the week was a 90 minute, 9 mile run where I tried a new technique of running in the mud at the side of the road.  I definitely felt it easier on the knees and calves but I was left with really clarty trainers which ended in a less than ironman dust pan and brush manoeuvre this morning.

The builders relax in the knowledge that Pam still has one day left at work.

Alongside training this week there was a lot of alpha male activity going on as nursery preparation reached fever pitch and ground was broken on the extension.  Clearly as the family is expanding we need more space over and above all of the rooms that we never even look in to.  I have asked what the extra space is for but I normally get the well considered “baby wants a new room” in response.  Pam started mat leave on Friday and having been supervised all weekend I feel awfully sorry for the builders. The build is supposed to be 5-6 weeks but with Pam assuming position to project manage them full-time tomorrow it wouldn’t surprise me if I got home on Friday to find that we have moved in.  I will keep progress on the build updated on here because, and let’s be frank, it is a damned site more interesting than a lot of my training.  In fact the hardest training sessions of the week were neither swimming, cycling or running but rather painting, joinery (oh yes, I was drilling and cutting things) and wallpapering.  Next week sees the added stress of the delivery of nursery furniture – that can only bring further suffering for me!

I eventually found my mojo in the pool again this week.  But, unfortunately for the aquarobics blue rinse crowd on Wednesday, I also hit the water in lycra for the first time this year.  And it turned out, when I eventually hit the showers, that the lycra has become a little threadbare over the winter.  I’m not sure how much ironman I exposed but by the time I got back to the office I had already ordered two replacement pairs of shorts.

I don’t often write about work on the blog but this week’s Sky Fame Awards deserve special mention.  I have certainly enjoyed a long career as a party boy but I have recently got over my long term illness which wouldn’t allow me to go to bed until all the beer was drunk and everyone else had gone home.  It’s quite funny now that people comment when I have a glass of wine in my hand (“taking a day off training?” or “fallen off the wagon?”) as opposed to the shock that used to be expressed when I didn’t have a drink in each hand.  There haven’t been many comments on the blog in recent weeks (I presume people are still reading it??!) but I hazard a guess that when I say I was both sociable, singing and dancing I am leaving the door wide open for abuse.  In fact dancing included the advanced deployment of the feet being lifted from the floor one at a time, the double finger-point at dance partner and the point in the air.  In addition the bhangra lightbulb twisting moves were unleashed on UK soil for the first time.  It seemed considerably less risky when the moves were last brought out with 5000 clear miles of safety in Mumbai.  Anyway, this was a wonderful awards ceremony when the best in Sky were recognised for their efforts and a great night was had by all.  Not such a great morning after was had by me.

The final session of the week was the “brick” today.  Basically, this means that I have to run straight off the bike to simulate running on fatigued legs in a race.  Believe it or not when you run after cycling you have a sensation in the legs that must be a bit like jogging around the deck of the Titanic with a concrete life vest.  So after 2 and a quarter hours on the turbo I got on a hi-viz cycling jacket and a beanie and hit the road for a 2 mile run.  With cycling shorts sticking out from under the dayglo coat I wasn’t a pretty sight on the streets of Dunfy at 10am this morning.

Anyway, that’s all for this week because between training and being project managed I am absolutely cream-crackered.  The Ironman cartoon was quite popular a few weeks ago so here he is talking to his wife in a scenario that seems all too familiar in our house.   (There are a few sweary words so take care.)


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Anh the double finger point! I know it well 😉 Joinery inspection will take place sat 12th 9.30am, be prepared!


The double finger point was taught to me by a wee ginger Patrick Swayze!


Still reading and loving it!
Is this the long desired Garden Room?


Sweary! iPad predictive is Sooo bossy!


Hahahahahahahahahaha clips are very very funny x (closed my ears at the sweaty bits!!)


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