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This blog is nearly a week overdue which is a reflection of how busy I have been and how tough it has been to fit training in.  I even had to dump a lunchtime run with Shakey which left her with too much energy to pump her gums about not being a team player.  As a brief blessed relief, however, St Patricks Day this week will provide some peace as she still hasn’t mastered talking and drinking simultaneously.

Walls next week?

Developments on the extension have been non-existent as some oik at the fife cooncil decided that the month of February was too short to actually review and pass a building warrant.  Luckily for him the pregnant project manager was too busy lunching and sourcing free stuff for pregnant wifies.  With her expanding girth she would have been a formidable opponent if she pitched up at his desk in the cooncil office.  The building warrant was passed this morning so the bureaucrat can rest easy for now.

It was a bad week for swimming where I flounced out of the pool in my threadbare lycra (new tri-shorts have since been delivered!) due to pool congestion.  I am still a bit cautious of my dodgy shoulder and as much as I would love to rattle my arm across the back of some recreational breastrokers head I fear that it will hurt me more than them.  Good news on the swimming front is that open water swimming in the Pentlands starts on 4th May which will be the next big milestone for me on the route to Regensburg.  Pam is already looking forward to family days out to the Pentlands and Shakey has started asking how cold it will be.  Very.

Click for a Guaranteed, Money Back smile and a laugh

I briefly thought about pee’ing in my wetsuit for some reason while I wrote that which jogged my memory of something I read this morning which is truly one of the funniest things I have ever read.  A chap has put his wetsuit on ebay to raise money for tsunami victims – the ad is hilarious in itself but companies are now adding things to be sold as a lot with the wetsuit and the Q&As from buyers have absolutely grown arms and legs.  Ebay are threatening to de-list it so click on the logo and read it soon and read it all the way through.  As I type the bids are now at £1440.

A Successful DIY Project

I have been chilled to the bone for about a week now without even thinking about a swim in the Pentlands and as I look at my training diary it becomes a bit more apparent why.  I had a mid-week 6 mile run last week – the air did feel a bit nippy as I hit the road but for the last mile I was running in the snow.  On Friday I had a strict timetable so started a 9 mile run at 5pm – and lo and behold a couple of hours after I finished the snow came on.  Apparently I have become a snow magnet.   My timetable for Friday was forced on me as a result of the nursery delivery people populating the whole upstairs of my house with giant heavy boxes.  Pregnant Pam, with complete faith in my capability, had kindly organised some support/supervision for my short building career – I had to get back from my run to meet the Farkies for a sociable beer before work.  It turns out we were a bit late clocking on for work on Saturday morning as a result of the sociable beer.     It does cause me a bit of concern that the Farkies are part of my Sherpa team for Regensburg so the chances of me getting to the starting line in one piece  are limited.  As a demonstration, however, of my athletic dedication or possibly my advancing years Farky and I left a bottle of port unopened  – something that would never have happened in the old days when all of my endurance efforts were alcohol or pringle related and not swim, bike or running.  It turned out that our building capability was considerably better than expectation and we were kicking back waiting for our Greggs sausage rolls to be delivered by midday.  Funnily enough we are still waiting.  There was only one low point when we finished the cot bed and we were left with a significant piece of material as a leftover – it turns out it could be hidden between the cot and the wall very effectively and several days later the cot remains intact without it.  Farky says that he sometimes gets leftovers when he builds houses but he just launches them in to the tip!  Although I say it myself I think the nursery looks so good that it looks like I wasn’t involved in it which I class as the ultimate DIY accolade.

The route of the first ride of the year

After the Farkies finally left on Sunday I got out on Bike Number 2 (she doesn’t have a name but I let her go outside in conditions where I wouldn’t let the Sultry Temptress get mucky) and took to the roads.   I did a 2.5 hour, 35 mile ride immediately followed by a 20 minute run brick.  The ride was the highlight of my afternoon and as a consequence the brick could only go downhill from there.  And anyone who saw me would testify to that.  There is no reason, and I apologise for it, that anyone’s Sunday afternoon should be destroyed by having to witness a head to toe winter lycra clad Shrek, stooped over with a stiff back and zig-zagging along the pavement on particularly precarious jelly legs.  Dunfy – I’m sorry!

After 5 months off the road my ride did jog my memory that a lot of car drivers are arseholes.  I have seen drivers texting while driving, lighting cigarettes and also driving and  lighting fags simultaneously.  I am, however, reserving a special brand of distaste however for Porsche and BMW drivers.  I can only assume that a new development has come out of Stuttgart, perhaps a filter on the windscreen, that translates road-signs for Porsche and BMW drivers.  Let me explain.  The circular road sign that has a red rim and a large black 40 in the middle is traditionally understood to mean “please drive at or below and preferably not above 40 miles per hour on this country road”.  The Bavarian arsehole convertor apparently translates it as “OK big boy, drop it down to second gear and hammer as fast as you can down this narrow country lane and then brake heavily so that you don’t depart the road and perish in flames in the field”.  There is another circle of my own personal hell that is reserved for spotty 18 year olds in their Subaru Imprezas but I’m not wasting any more words on the topic of bad drivers.  One upside, however, that I considered on a long run last week was that, regardless of whether you love or loathe them, personal registrations are very easy to memorise.  So, drive nicely and don’t make me dob you in to the cops!

That’s it.  In summary – busy week, bit of swimming, bit of biking (some of it outside), bit of running, no progress on extension, and nursery complete with nothing broken and no-one hurt.  One last picture for the week entitled “awkward moment when you realise your friend’s fat arm makes it look like you have no clothes on”.  My work is done for last week.


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Sounds like a productive week, love from the farky’s (recreational breastrokers, BMW owners, personal reg plate exhibitors oh yeah ….. think you
forgot to slate the ginger’s)


I can forgive it all with the exception of the breastroke. If you don’t text while you drive I’ll teach you front crawl.


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