The First Day of Spring

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Training wise, last week was a recovery week which meant that I was supposed to take everything easy and give my body a chance to recover from the previous 3 weeks of hard work.  But that is easier said than done when it is accompanied by light nights and fine weather.  Despite the first days of spring, to be honest, I behaved myself pretty much and only really overdid it on the bike but apparently you can’t really overdo it on the bike.

Vaseline pour Homme

There  was a further landmark last week when I had to hit the pharmacist and buy my first replacement family sized tub of vaseline of the year.  I don’t know why but I feel the need to explain to the pharmacist in some detail that I need such a large tub because I run and cycle long distances and along with sweating and perhaps unkind seams in the lycra it can lead to chafing ……etc etc.  Hopefully, if Pam gets a wriggle on, at least I will be able to take the baby next time I have to pop in surreptitiously to Lloyds and won’t have to make up some convoluted excuse for my absolutely innocuous purchase.  I could, of course, shop in the relative anonymity of Tescos but god knows what Club Card offers they would start sending me!

As mentioned above, Pam is STILL pregnant and with only two weeks to go until the due date there is a risk that training may be impacted.  I now have a special ringtone that means if I am out cycling I know I have to stop and listen to the message.  This was necessary after a training ride on a day’s holiday last week when I had 13 missed calls and I stopped in absolute panic each time, undid my top, got my phone out, took off my big gloves, unlocked the keypad, listened to the message, discovered Pam wasn’t in labour, did the process again in reverse, started pedalling, just started to warm up again and then the phone would ring.  My main concern now is how to do a 3 hour ride without going far from home – it looks like 30 times around the block should do it if I don’t get dizzy and fall off.

I ventured to Warrender Baths this week for a swim and I was rejuvenated as if it was the pool in Cocoon.  I used to swim at Warrender when I first moved to Edinburgh and it was a gorgeous Victorian baths that had seen much better days.  After it’s refurb in 2009 Shakey and I pitched up for a swim one day to discover a glass panel in the roof had fallen in and hit a swimmer which understandably led to a further prolonged closure while the nation’s best engineers and glaziers tried to make the glass stay in the roof.  Well, it is opened again now and I had a great 2.5k swim on a Saturday afternoon.  I am not so presumptious as to assume that the fast lane should automatically be “my lane” in a new pool but actually the swimmers at Warrender were all very self-aware, courteous and polite which was a treat compared to my experiences training in Bannatynes in Dunfermline in recent months.  It was actually enjoyable to swim for the first time in ages – maybe council pools are the way forward until open water swimming starts again in May!

I was up and out on the road for a cycle at 7am on Saturday morning for a ride that headed across the Bridge, out to Bo’ness and then back for a lap round Queensferry before heading home covering 55km in about 2.5hours.  On Sunday I took advantage of the great British Summer Time and went out at nearly 4pm for a 2 hour ride taking in the Lochore Sprint triathlon route.  I was pretty pleased to cover the triathlon route in about 50mins which was the same as I was doing at the end of last season so it now feels like I am building on a solid base on the route to Regensburg.

The one part of training where I do observe the recovery week rules is with running given that I have legs like twiglets that snap every time I overdo it.  The runs were pretty uneventful apart from a lunchtime run with Shakey where we did some sprints.  Despite giving her an 8 year head start it appears that I am the fastest sprinter by a country mile.  The stumps may be short but once they get a bit of momentum they carry on like pumping pistons.  With a flying start over a 25m course I reckon I could take Usain Bolt……if only someone would invent that discipline I may still make it to London 2012.  On that note I also spent a bit of time on the 2012 website working through ticket options last weekend so it looks like the long weekend of the 4th August looks like where I will focus my attempts in the ballot to see the triathlon, and see Phelps, Hoy, Wiggins and Pendleton defend some of their titles.  I guess everyone else will be doing the same but the opportunity to see a home Olympics in my lifetime is too good not to make an effort!

Work on the walls of the extension also finally started with Fife Cooncil’s equivalent of the man from del monte’s blessing.  The forecast is now completion within 4 weeks.  Based on today’s progress I would be tempted to believe that.


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I would like to point out that none of the 13 calls were from me!


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