No, it’s not here yet.

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I can’t work out whether I am getting more exercise just now from training or from answering the question “Any sign of the baby yet?”.  So I am posting it on the internet to make sure that I let everyone know – it’s not here yet and doesn’t appear to be in any rush to show it’s face.  I am assuming that this wee one is just like it’s mother and just when we are about to leave the house needs to put on a different coat, and then shoes to match the coat and a different handbag to match the shoes.  To be fair to Pam, though, it has never taken her a fortnight to get out of the house.  Little does junior realise, however, that dad is very impatient at the best of times and particularly so just now and dad also has control over names!

Training has been a bit disrupted due to junior’s continued “sit-in” as I remain optimistic that everytime I go out he/she will have arrived on my return so I don’t go too far.  I got out on the bike before Pam woke up on Saturday for a couple of hours which was great – glorious weather, no cars on the road and I am now down to only two layers for outdoors biking.  About 6 miles from home I dropped my chain which was the first time it has ever happened and I had a heart-stopping moment where I thought it was broken and I was going to have to call home for a lift.  No problems, however, I went all alpha male, conducted road side repairs and biked on.

Sunday provided one of my favourite TV events of the year with the London marathon.  Personally I prefer the first two hours of the programme to see the elites (did you know that 50 of the world’s 70 best male marathon runners are Kenyan??!) but I know that I can get Pam hooked by promising Wombles running in honour of their dear, dead great aunt for the last couple of hours and of course the fainters, greeters and those incapacitated by cramp at the very end as Sue Barker makes some glib comment about “fun runners”.  So, as coverage started at 830 I got up just before 7am and onto the turbo for just over an hour followed by a half hour brick in the wonderful Sunday morning sunshine.  By the time I settled down to watch Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston in lycra (it’s not 1981 any more girls!)with a bacon roll and a coffee my day’s work was done.  Well done to Karen W and Dave R for completing the London course again……….must get my entry into the ballot on 26th April!

I am on a real roll swimming just now.  I seem to have scared everyone out of “my lane” and I am rarely getting bothered these days.  This week I swam over 5 miles across 3 sessions and was starting to see my times improving considerably.  I am still troubled by my “lady shorts” but I have been speaking to a nice man on the internet who is trying to track down some more manly “man shorts” for me.  I ran on Sunday in my lady shorts which has left me with some chafing in new places so I need to restrict their use to the pool – as strange as that may sound.

Shakey and I got a good mid-week run in but it looked like we were going to have to cut it short as I got stopped about 5 times on the way out of the office asking if there was “any sign of the baby yet”?  My long run this week was an unmitigated disaster though.  I ran on Friday afternoon and for some reason the temperature rose about 3deg during the  course of the run – which meant that my long sleeved UnderArmor was completely inappropriate run wear.  Anyway I pounded on with my intended 12m run and ultimately cut it down to 10miles suffering from dehydration. I stopped en route at the world’s best convenience store and got a Lucozade raspberry, instantly regretted it and then spent the next 4 miles trying not to barf it up.

It is now 16 weeks until Ironman Regensburg, taking off 3 weeks for taper that leaves only 13weeks of hard training left.  Some weeks, like this week, when you drop a couple of sessions you start to lose a bit of confidence and a lot of the challenge of Ironman is in the mind.  It is times like this when you just have to give yourself a shake or as the Pirates say “HTFU”.  Anyway, you have to have confidence in the cumulative effect of the training as opposed to individual sessions – Ironman is tough enough without competing against your own mind.  It’s probably best not to watch this if your partner is planning to do an IM; but if you watch formula 1 and cycling for the crashes it is probably right up your street!…………

I love the music and the fella at 2:33 is my new hero!  I think he has defied the laws of physics there.  (You have to follow the link to youtube by the way).

Building work has also been moving on apace and I even “helped” this week by hanging around conspicuously in the background as “muscle” when the giant window panes were delivered –  at 130kgs each they were the weight of a rather rotund chap but, I think, considerably harder to lift.   Looks like things are going to be timed to perfecti0n and the doors will be coming off at pretty much the same time as the baby will eventually put in an appearance.

Not sure now when the next update will be……………..


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He has control over the names of junior?? Really? Clearly he has done too much training in our recent warmer weather and is a tad delusional!


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