One guy, 5 stone, two and a half years and two races.

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A selection of blisters after the first round of lancing

I am writing this having washed all my kit and lanced all of my blisters.  My kit smelt like a mangy dog had slept in it and was covered in all manner of technicolour stains and I had at last count 7 blisters which were all about the size of really big marbles. However, I am an Ironman.

To recap the story so far if you are joining late.  On January  1st 2009 I woke up in Berlin after a 7 day bender and thought that I had better get myself fit as I was not getting any younger or healthier.  By chance when I got back to work on the 5th I was cajoled, amongst others, by Shakey to do the Edinburgh 10k. This sounded about as feasible as climbing Everest in speedos and flipflops but after much contemplation ie checking how slow the last person had been the previous year and clarifying that it was OK to walk bits I bit the bullet and signed up.  4 months and 3 stone lighter I had done the 10k and needed a fresh challenge to keep me motivated.

So, it seemed pretty obvious that since I could swim, and I could now run, and that I still had a couple of stone to lose and that I was approaching 40 that I should do an Ironman.  Along the way I ran several more 10k, a marathon, two half Ironman, broke, dislocated and had my shoulder reconstructed, tore my calf, had a baby (OK, not me personally but I was there) and raised £4,000 for charity.  Oh, and I have got another couple of years closer to 40.

The next few posts will be my belated race report of 14 hours, 58minutes and 18seconds of absolute rock and roll.  Or more accurately a slow war of attrition against my own mind and body.

Racking the Temptress at the Lake



Sleepless Night


The Longest Day

One Guy, 5 Stone, Two and a Half Years and Two Races

The Swim – Froth, Speedos and Bulging Eyeballs

The Bike – Rain, Rain, Hill, Rain, Rain, Hill, Ouch

The Run – 42.2km of Hanging In There

The Aftermath



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