Ironman 2: The Sequel

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“Oh, how cute”, I hear you saying, “We hear nothing from him for months and now he writes a blog to tell us what DVD he is watching.”

Oh no, it is far more serious than that.  Far, far more serious.


Yes, I am getting off the sofa, dusting down the bikes, squeezing uncomfortably into a well lubricated rubber suit and setting off on the long and winding road towards my second Ironman.

“Why?”, I hear you say.  “You have nothing left to prove.”

Well, howsabout the first blog of Project Austria 2014 explains why?


Why? Because I want to fulfill my potential.

I am proud of becoming an Ironman. I learnt more about myself in that year than the previous 39.  Losing 5 stone, seizing back my life and travelling 140.6 miles under my own steam was a herculean effort.  But I can do more.  My bike training was not as effective as it could have been, I barely went in a pool in the last 6 weeks before Regensburg and inexperience with nutrition meant that I very, very slowly shart my way around a marathon course.

I have 11 months to apply science and experience before putting my toes in the Worthersee and swimming, cycling and running to my best Ironman.  Before I get any older!


Why? Because I’m not getting any younger.

As a big boy I don’t know how much longer my body will tolerate me taking part in extreme endurance events.  But Reason 2 is only partly for me.  In Regensburg there was a wee, three month old lump was part of the entourage.  In Austria he will be a bright, active three year old – and while I still have it in me I want him to have the experience of sitting in the bleachers in the finishing tunnel, knowing that his daddy is coming round the corner soon, watching the lights, hearing the music, seeing the very best of humanity and human spirit and being there when the announcer, supported by the crowd, screams at his daddy “YOU………ARE………AN……….IRONMAN”.

That will be one proud daddy.


Why? Because there is nothing else like it.

Ironman is an incredible event.  Ordinary people go out and prove that they can do extraordinary things.  Unlike any other event an Ironman will sacrifice his race to help a struggling competitor.  The camaraderie, the immensity of the distance, the wretchedness of the lows, and the irrepressible spirit of the finishers differentiate Ironman from other events.  It focusses me like nothing else.

When I talk about Ironman I always come back to this passage that I blogged about the night before Ironman Regensburg:

“The water laps your toes and envelopes your skin. Close your eyes. The masses become silent and your heartbeat thunders. You have planned for today, talked about today, trained for today, imagined today, dreamed today, and yet you still don’t know what to expect. A cannon blows and you remember, as you dread the uncertainty and the harsh duration to come, to savor every second because in your memory it will be over in the minutes it takes to recount or reread from your journal.

Move, breathe, drink, eat. Move, breathe, drink, eat. Move and move. One hundred forty and six-tenths miles. Know tenderly, intimately every fiber of your being that propels you forward only because your brain says, “Don’t stop.” And don’t stop. Move, breathe, drink, eat.Manage your day. Stick to your plan. Be flexible. Just finish. Float when your mind and body detach and watch your body move with you – pushed by the crowd, the volunteers, who lust for your finish as if it were their own. But it hurts. And you don’t know for sure why you are doing this and what it will mean when you do. And then you see it. A banner, a clock, a frenzy of applause. And you know you made it happen through whatever means and power source you draw strength from.

Ironman will trivialize past hardship and prepare you to minimize those to come. It makes dreams come true. You have what it takes to bridge aspirations into accomplishments. Crossing that line embraces self: confidence, sacrifice, reliance, invention, worth. Finishing makes you your own hero.”

So that’s why!  Now I just need to work out how!

“How’s it going then?”, you may well ask.  Alright, I think.  Since entering I have cycled 450km and swum 18km.  “The running?  Well, it’s not an Ironman campaign without an injury drama so I broke my big toe immediately upon entering.  I can confirm that a broken toe is a sore thing.  A very, very sore thing.

So, I’m back doing a bit of the blogging.  What have you got to look forward to?

  • This coming weekend I should have been doing a Half Ironman.  I should also have been fitter.  The outcome of  the combined broken phalange and general corpulence is that I have become a relay.  This is not a weight penalty because I weigh the same as a relay team – no, I am bringing in a ringer with 10 fully functional toes for the half marathon.
  • Next weekend is the Great Scottish Swim.  Like a complete dumbass I learnt not a jot from the Great Big Nottingham Swim in a Shit Swamp and have entered the two mile swim.  Oh no, not the nice, cold yet challenging, mass participation 1 mile swim but the complete mentalists sensory deprivation two mile swim.  Oh yes, I am a fool.
  • My goals and my plan.  If you say it you do it, they say.  If you blog it, it is frozen for posterity and the embarrassment of not doing would be mortifying, I say.
  • And if that lot feels a bit serious I can almost guarantee that in the next 10 and a half months there will be illness, injury, and public decency things to tell you about.  As if that lot is not enough Shakey has also entered Austria.  Swims like a brick that girl.

So bike ready, body in recovery, let’s get going.


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8 Responses to “Ironman 2: The Sequel”

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…looking forward to that journey ‘we’ are about to make again…& these blogs always put a smile on my face! Go DC! my Ironman mate.


Cheers Buddy.

Still at the very excited stage!


Looking forward to reading your updates on the blog. You never do the local ones do you!


Hey Wifie – Aberfeldy this weekend, Loch Lomond next weeekend!

The problem is the weather gets ao wild I can’t work out if I am swimming or cycling. I may have shrunk I got so wet yeaterday!


Found about your twitter and blog just resently… Look forward following your journey to Austria. Enjoy!!


Thanks for following Maja! Hope you enjoy the ride!


Glad to hear the ironman will be returning ;0)


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