Dear Brain, Here’s How It’s Going to Go

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Dear Brain,

We don’t chat often, but I thought it was time we did.  You may have an awareness of what I am up to – oh yes, I know you do – I have signed up for another Ironman!!  “Why?!”, you say.  Because I have unfinished business with long distance racing and I hold you responsible.

With less than a year to go I am going to need you to be the strongest part of the team and I think it is time we agree how things are going to be for the next year.


The thing is Brain, your buddies the skeleton, the muscles, the tendons, the lungs, and the bowels are all going to let us down at some point.  The legs and lungs, in particular, will conspire to rip the piss out of us.  But, guess what?  The last laugh is ours – if we work together we can drag those impertinent, ageing body parts way beyond where they ever think they can go.

Things are going to get broken, get weak and get tired but I need you never to give up, to always find a way to take one more step forward.  We will only stop when someone with a lot of letters after their name and silver hair says that we have to stop and even then we will ask for a second opinion.


It’s not all down to you though – I’ve done the thinking so you don’t have to.  I have set my targets early – and we are going to SHARE them this time so that we are on the hook; I am going to memorise my stuff, and make it completely second nature so that you don’t have to worry about it and we can stay friends.  If you have the wobbles, though, I promise I will take your wrinkly, grey ass out for the wettest, coldest, windiest 7 hour bike ride I’ve not even allowed you to imagine yet.  And then you will toughen up.

I am going to treat you well – I will exercise you, I will listen to you if you are sensible, and even if you’re a bit off the wall we can have a chat about what’s bothering you.  But when things get real we have to knuckle down and work together.

Here is the bomb, Brain, shit is going to get tough over the next year and when it does I need you to man up and get the feck on with it.

OK, Brain, that’s all I wanted to say.  Are we cool?  Do we have a deal?

Let’s get cracking then.

Ironman x



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3 Responses to “Dear Brain, Here’s How It’s Going to Go”

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Great post mate, love it. I read it as I sit here spinning on the Watt bike in the altitude chamber in my local gym. I too have less than a year to go to my next Ironman, goals set, body preparing, mind strong (at least at the minute). Got a 70.2 next weekend. Get that done then knuckle down. As long as the training is I somehow can’t imagine life without it, it’s a part of me now. Good luck with your training, you’re not alone!


Thanks Richard!

Thats some gym with an altitude chamber!! Enjoy your half next weekend. Look forward to sharing the fun over the next year!


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