T Minus Seven

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Hopefully, about this time, in seven weeks I will have completed my second Ironman.  Yes, eight rapidly passing and increasingly shorter weeks.

I have an app on my phone that was counting down to Ironman Austria.  It was fine in months, it was mentally manageable in weeks but I have deleted it now that the days are firmly into double digits.  There is nothing like the taper being on the horizon to cause the ass cheeks to clench a little bit tighter.  Tomorrow, I start the last major training block, and in 5 weeks I will be tapering.  It is sobering.  Literally.


I decided last week that I would have one last blow out and then knuckle down for the last training block to minimise the risk of alcohol induced conditions – CBA, compromised immune system and mixing with snotty people in sweaty pubs.  So after a 5 mile run on Saturday I pulled on my drinking Converse, headed to the Jed Forest 7s and drank like I was 17.  Literally.

I survived all the challenges that came before me – a dodgy burger from a van, a bone crushing tackle as I escaped Riverside, drinking Sauvignon Blanc from a bottle on a bus and downing a pint of Peroni because my pizza was ready.  It is out of my system.  My body now demands an athletic existence.

So.  That’s where I am.  With Ironman Austria approaching and a mindset to finish the training plan on a high.

As I have gone through the last 23 weeks of my training plan I have constantly used Ironman Regensburg as my benchmark.  I knew that if I trained smarter and longer than 2011 then I would set myself up to improve on that painful experience.

Back in one of my rollercoaster dips, suffering from a chest infection I set up a comprehensive spreadsheet to compare my cumulative training hours and miles.  What I had forgotten about 2011 was that with 16 weeks to go we had a baby and consequently the last 16 weeks were a pretty chequered affair.  As of right now  I have cumulatively cycled 6% more and run 18% more than in 2011.  I find that incredible but the spreadsheet don’t lie.

And the best part is that I have the opportunity to ace the next 5 weeks, with at least 4 century rides and half marathons and some Giant Swim weeks.

The most heartening thing about Ironman 2 is that it has been injury free.  I deliberately set out in January to build strength and power in my legs and have religiously spent two hours a week in the gym.  I have a strong core and no niggles any where.  That is the longest run without injury since EVER.  Sure, training has been disrupted by chest infections but that kinda comes with the territory of having a three year old.



The other useful comparison to 2011 is The Blog.  I keep this to read back the kinds of detail that memory chooses not to or can’t remember.  It turns out in 2011 I did a sprint triathlon with 7 weeks to go and suffered from the trots.  At least I had the decency to call the blog post TMI.

So, that’s about it.  Sobering up has started, I’ll start eating the green food tomorrow, The Sultry Temptress will do a century this week and it is all going to be about consistency.


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