Ready Or Not, Here I Come

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As I nudge towards three weeks to Ironman Austria The Fugees have become my earworm. The lyrics strangely prescient of my relationship to Klagenfurt:

“Ready Or Not, Here I Come, You Can’t Hide
Gonna Find You and Take it Slowly

Now that I escape, sleepwalker awake
Those who could relate know the world ain’t cake”

I don’t know why that has replaced the Gruffalo (A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good) as my mental climbing chant. But it has. It is probably something to do with cake.

Wyclef has it right though. Mentally and physically, ready or not, Ironman Austria is coming now and all I can do is prepare for the day. The miles are in the bank, the mental plan is locked and loaded, the buffet is ordered.


Since the campaign started on the 1st December, the odometer has been ticking over at a crazy rate:

Swim 126km
Bike 3,181km
Run 533km

And the last 3 weeks have seen the hardest training block that I’ve ever put myself through with 4 100m+ training rides and 3 within a 10 day period. I’m not a big sleep fan but last night I was out like a light just after 9. One more long run and long ride and then all I have to do is rest and recover. For once in my life, resting sounds tempting.

The highlight of the last training block was The Big Weekend. Day 1: swim 3.8k then run a half marathon. Eat, sleep. Day 2: ride 112miles. For the first time in a year I went out with my old buddy Shakey and we took in some seaside routes on the sunniest day of the year so far. There may have been ice cream. There may have been a dishonourable dismount in a very public town square. It may have been pedestrianised, with terrace tables. It may have been me. Who invented cleats anyway??


Even the lowlights were highlights. On Wednesday I set off for a 100m ride in the most biblical weather. Twice having to dismount to wade and almost being taken out by The Inbetweeners in a crap little car. I managed my fastest consistent pace while taking in 1000m of climbing. I hope one day to be able to feel my hands and feet again.

Back in 2011 (the whole Ironman Regensburg 2011 story is linked now), I made a huge mistake with taper by stopping altogether as I literally screeched to the line. The engine seized. This time I have a plan.

What I know from experience is that the Ironman gods stand by ready to strike down great vengeance and furious anger on the cocky, the blaggers, the arrogant and the inflexible. (And do read that with your internal Samuel L Jackson voice rather than the Reverend IM Jolly).

Am I ready? Time will tell. And it’s nearly time.

But Wyclef got one thing wrong. The world is pretty much cake. I just have to try not to eat it ALL in the next three weeks.



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6 Responses to “Ready Or Not, Here I Come”

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Brilliant post 😀 That is some training week you managed, and it will stand you in very good stead indeed come race day. Well done. Can’t wait to track you on the day 😀

Oh and yeah, just don’t mainline too much cake yet – that comes afterwards 🙂


Cheers Pea. Get plenty of pringles in, I’ll be out there for a while.

And always beer before cake!


All good Dougie, been enjoying the blogs over the last few months. Have a good one, we’ll be watching!!



Cheers Dunc. I thought I’d chase your time then I realised that the Austrian mountains are hilly. Who knew?


Dougie – nobody can argue you’ve earned your place on the start line and your training blogs have suggested you are well prepped – least as well as people with real lives, jobs, families and illness get to be.

I am, still amazed, you’ve trained so well given the frankly apocalyptic weather you’ve had up north!!

Race well my friend, I will be watching.


Real life certainly gets in the way. And unfortunately Scottish weather is just part of my real life!


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