The One About the Day I Wrote Something Seriously

Posted on January 14, 2015. Filed under: ironman, marathon |

I am the first to admit that I am no Bob Woodward in the writing stakes.  Hell, I’m not even Piers Morgan (thank god).  But yesterday I was asked to write something for the Guardian online about the rise of endurance sports.  I didn’t write the headline so you can safely assume I don’t compare a Tough Mudder (The Toughest Event In The World That You Can Squeeze Into Your Lunch Hour) and Ironman or ultra running.

Here is the article, remember the golden rule – never read below the line!

If you like it, I’d love to hear your feedback.  If not, obviously keep it to yourself.  😉


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10 Responses to “The One About the Day I Wrote Something Seriously”

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A journalist, really? Even without the gratuitous pirate picture, I would have recognised the writing style, and for me, I like it.
Well done, expect to see you on a regular column in Triathlon220 replacing Martin Brunt.



Cheers Dunc! I think I’m a bit provocative for the tri magazines. I am anti gizmo which kind of kills their funding model! Hope you are well, buddy!


Ooooooooooh, get you. Writing for The Guardian no less! 😀 Great article. I think you should do that Spine race thingummy at the very least. Or failing that i’m happy to tear-gas you at the earliest opportunity. You’re welcome.


I rarely get tear gassed enough these days! Thanks Lee!

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Great article, agree with the words 100%, though I do have to say that within my circle of friends, the marathon is still a goal that is awe inspiring and one which they think I’m mental for doing (and mental for doing an Ironman, and another marathon and another…) and I like being thought of as a bit crazy! So I reckon there is still kudos for marathons just others can’t quantify that, and also how that differs to Ironman or The Spine etc so potentially it is all relative.
Well done on writing for the Guardian!


Cheers Spud. I still think the marathon is the toughest thing I’ve done! The comment was just that they are more accessible now – the headline (not mine) is a bit provocative.


Absolutley. I yhink the marathon is more mental strength and / or the last race you actually think ablut it being a race to beat a specific time where as ironman and ultras are about finishing.. Maybe thats just me tho!


Definitely me too! I know with training i can grind out a marathon or an ironman but running on the edge for marathon distance while going for a time just hurts.


Yup. I have a feeling this marathon im aiming for is gonna hurt. Lots. What doesnt kill us… Etc

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Nice Job!


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