Get The Pringles In, London.

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They say that just because you suffer paranoia doesn’t mean that everyone is not out to get you.  And just because you have maranoia doesn’t mean that you are not really ill.  I’m not obviously; but it feels like it.

The last run of note was unremarkable except for the usual knee and achille aches, twinges and discomfort that comes with tapering. But then yesterday lethargy turned into sore throat, which turned into aching shoulders, which turned into a streaming nose.  My normal “go to” remedy is vitamin C.  Not one to over-react I have consumed 6000mg of vitamin C and 9000mg of fish oil yesterday and today – I am peeing like a particularly vibrant lightsabre.

The good news is that I appear to have headed the manflu off at the pass.  So, London, get the Stella and Pringles in – I’m on my way!

Unfortunately at this late stage, my pot belge of vitamins and fish oil, will have no noticeable impact on my running.  Therefore, Plan A remains as go with the 4:45 pacer, hang on as long as possible and not be a dick.  Success is finishing with DOMS but no injury.  There is no Plan B and no B objective.  Just. Don’t. Get. Broken.

I took the opportunity to watch the fast forwarded London route yesterday.  This may sound dumb but I was shocked how long it was.  When I ran London in 2012 the Cutty Sark appeared in no time at all – it takes ages in the video.  I remember a low point running through an industrial estate with very few supporters – that was before the half!  Marathons are a long way.  26.2 miles long.  Bugger.

IMG_20150419_222414IMG_20150419_144242Sunday past saw Roar’s third road race and medal event.  It turns out a mile is a long way when you are about to turn 4.  On a freezing cold, windy afternoon Roar and Pam took to the course and finished in under 14 minutes.  Very snotty and rosy cheeked.  That may have been the first training run of Pam’s half marathon campaign.  Or maybe not.  Any way bling for the boy, chocolate and a well earned nap.

I did warn you in the last post that I would be asking for your support.  Well, here goes.  I am raising money for the Make a Wish Foundation as I did in 2012. The Make a Wish Foundation is a charity with a single purpose – they grant magical wishes to children and young people aged 3-17 fighting life-threatening conditions. For many families the Make-A-Wish memory can be the last happy memory they have of their child having fun in a magical world, surrounded by family and friends – rather than memories of days and weeks of painful treatments and hospitalisation. The memory of the wish may be of their child laughing and enjoying being a princess or zoo keeper for the day or meeting a favourite celebrity. In years to come, the family can look back and remember that special time.


I know you have been hounded relentlessly by London/Paris/Boston/Brighton marathon runners in the last few weeks so don’t think that this is a demand for sponsorship today.  But please come across to my just giving page and have a read; I will be doing things all year so feel free to put a note in the diary for later in the year and consider a donation then.  You can also donate by texting IRNM71 £5 to 70070 (That can be any value from one to a squillion after the £ sign).

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

One last thing.  Like many ironmen and triathletes on twitter, Tom will be on my mind on Sunday like he has been on each run since last week.  Far too young.  Sleep tight, big guy.


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