Running on Mince

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Like Forrest Gump’s chocolate box, life is all about choices.  Some are hard and some are easy.  Some are happy and some are sad.  Some are life changing and some are mundane.  Before you make the choice to stop reading let me assure that is as deep as this gets.

As I was getting ready to run the other day something quite profound struck me.  I wasn’t procrastinating.  I did a double take of myself a day later when I got on the turbo without any fannying about.  I have even been for a tentative swim recently.  Why is this significant?  Because I had made a choice to do these things with no nagging sense of having to do it.

I remembered something really important that I had forgotten.  I swim and bike and run because I enjoy them and they keep me fit.  When I feel an obligation to do them I lose the sense of fun – yet, as a contradiction, I need something to keep me focussed.  That is when I remembered why I don’t enter loads of events.  My motivation comes from having one big, hairy objective rather than trudging around the country, constantly on the verge of injury, picking up ill fitting cotton t-shirts I’ll never wear and a lifetime supply of tiny packets of flaxseed and god awful cereal bars.

I don’t think I ever said it out loud but the London Marathon had started to drag me down.  There wasn’t sufficient satisfaction from proving my hypothesis that a 16 week from illness to marathon plan was stupid, to compensate for the misery of trudging long distances when not fully fit.  But now, without the marathon as a millstone, I am thoroughly enjoying the freedom to just go for a jog, or to choose to jump on the bike instead or if I am blind drunk and having taken leave of my senses even go for a swim.

Here are some numbers.  Since Ironman Austria last year

I have run 597km.  42.2 of those kilometres were an actual marathon

I have “cycled” 623km.  All but 18km of those were indoors. I can hear the gasps of horror from the outdoor cycling nazis.

I have swim 4.4km.  Still averaging 1:45/km so not too bad for a landlubbing ex swimmer.

I expect these numbers will start to pick up now that I am just choosing to do them for fun.

Next thing up is the Edinburgh Half Marathon.  The thing you need to understand about the Edinburgh Half Marathon this year is that it is not so much a race as a hen party.  The legendary Iron Nessie is getting married and on account of me not being a chick I didn’t get an invite to the hen do; despite me being the chief bridesmaid.  Or something like that.  So we decided to do an event to make up for my NFI.  Half Ironman we said back when we were fit.  Then we noticed neither of us had been swimming very enthusiastically. Or riding bikes.  So we settled on a jog.


One day post marathon foot

Sudocreme cures everything, right?

Sudocreme cures everything, right?

Bizarrely this will be my first ever half marathon.  I checked the record books and in the last few years I have run over 13.1miles 37 times but never actually done a half marathon.  So, if you are spectating, feel free to chuck us some booze and pringles to celebrate the upcoming nuptials and, more importantly, my FIRST, EVER half marathon.

Normally just after a marathon I would declare a half marathon as easy-peasy.  However.  How-fecking-ever.  The HORRORS.  While running London my feet were sore.  On finishing and inspecting them they were declared sore but undamaged.  Then they started to go wrong.  Firstly they were just bruised, scabby, broken feet.  But now they are mince.  So spare a thought for the chief bridesmaid running towards a power station on mince.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me if I haven’t had the opportunity to thank you personally.  If you would like to donate to the Make a Wish foundation or (please) just have a read about what they do then just pop over here…….

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