Deja Vu

Posted on January 6, 2016. Filed under: swimming, ultra running |

In October I was on a roll. In November I was on a roll. I started December on a roll. And now I am 73% roll. The remaining 27% is, that particularly wholesome Scottish delicacy, square sausage.

The rhythm has been lost. The wheels have come off the juggernaut. Almost literally.

This is not, as Kris Akabusi might say, a lack of positive mental attitude. Motivational memes are not really my scene anyway but my sudden indolence is not a lack of moral fibre. Well, it kinda is and it kinda isn’t.

Let me explain.

At the start of December, on my way to pick up Rory from nursery, in the face of a squall of hail, snow and torrential rain, I aquaplaned into the central reservation of the M90. It was quite the most elegant pirouette that a large bloke at velocity could achieve.

I walked away. The Audi A5 that I considered with some affection became deceased, a crumpled pile of tin. Along with my beloved merino beanie that became collateral damage somewhere along the way.

The next day I had a sore back. Quite sore, indeed.

I couldn’t say whether it was a consequence of the impact. Or standing for an hour in the flimsiest of waterproofs, on the bleakest stretch of motorway, in the foulest Scottish winter weather . Or sitting on an uncomfortable chair, eating cake, while waiting for my car to be MOT’d. (Oh yes, the irony of writing off my car driving home from the MOT has been lost on NO-ONE).


Whatevs. I had a sore back. And so, as is my norm, discretion became the better part of valour with injury and I haven’t run since. Which is a bugger. Especially in peak binge eating season.

I am back to roly-poly. I am not ready for long swim or long run.

However, this is a familiar situation to me. One January day several years ago Iron Nessie got me into running from a slobbish mess (as the fat boy before pictures testify). By May of that year I was ready to run my first 10k.

It’s January now. I am chubbily, wheezily unfit and I will be ready for a run by May. Just like 2009. Well kinda. Except May 2016 will be my first ultra. I’ll be ready. No biggie.

Anyway. Enough shooting the shit, I must get on with some visualising of writing a training plan.


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